Dong Shin 09.19.2014

  • start using WebStorm! Eclipse JavaScript development not working well with AngularJS
    • change default IDE settings –
    • modify C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\WebStorm 8.0.4\bin\ file
      • idea.config.path=${user.home}/Dropbox/DEV/webstorm/config
      • idea.system.path=${user.home}/Dropbox/DEV/webstorm//system
      • idea.plugins.path=${idea.config.path}/plugins
      • idea.log.path=${idea.system.path}/log
  • continue on AngularJS tutorials
  • working on User Login

Dong Shin 09.18.2014

Dong Shin 09.17.2014

  • went to the Fort
    • taught Lenny how to build queries on the new Query Builder
    • add Filter to the new Query Builder
    • budget_center_obligation_date returns null
    • went over the project and capability based queries with Chris, he really likes it.
  • added column filter to the new Query Builder

Dong Shin 09.16.2014

  • added flexunit-0.85.swc to Flex Projects…. deleted from Maven Repo.
  • fixed Planned Outlay Baseline getting PM Actuals data..
  • Flash Builder crashed and took the workspace with it…. Uugngh. rebuilding it….

Dong Shin 09.15.2014

  • enabled editEnabled in Lab AddableListComboBox
  • removed old Query Builder
  • set Query Builder to display PM Actuals as Chris requested
    • past 18th of the month, show previous month
    • before 18th of the month, show two months before

Phil 9.12.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Deployed new FA and RA
  • Added a column to the master table
  • Added labs to FRa
  • Angular
    • Worked on http interaction. It turns out that Angular likes to post in JSON format, but most servers (PHP, Java) use URI encoding. Spent a few hours going around and around with that. There are also no directives around <br>, and ng-model doesn’t seem to work with <div>. Nonetheless, I’m interacting with the database through a web page, so yay.

Dong Shin 09.11.2014

  • was unable to duplicate Gina’s FMP problem on site…
  • fixed FMP’s not showing – throwing exception when parsing projected_date!
  • added lab field to __project_detailed_data
  • continue on AngularJS

Phil 9.11.14

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Updated FA, RA and project_portfolio_enh on the integration machine to see what’s going on with FMPs. They are in the DB, but not showing. It seems to be related to an event problem in the display.
  • Meeting with Ronda at 4:00.
  • More Angular!

Dong Shin 09.10.2014

Phil 9.10.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Got an email from Geena – she’s unable to save a mitigation plan. “To elaborate, looks like the malfunction occurs when ‘copy from previous month’ is selected, unable to save. I selected ‘copy from previous month’ and modified the data yet unable to save”
  • DB Backups.
  • Get for class, this too.
  • Working through chapter 3 of AngularJS Up and Running, which introduces unit testing. I was having trouble getting karma to run – getting the error
    • ERROR [karma]: { [Error: listen EACCES] code: ‘EACCES’, errno: ‘EACCES’, syscall: ‘listen’ }
  • Poking around led to this post, which suggested changing the port in the karma.conf.js file to 8001 from 8080. This works just fine, though I’m not sure why port 8080 is choking. I have Tomcat installed on 8080, but even with Tomcat off, I get the same error. Odd.
  • On to forms and validation. Very nicely done.

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