Dong Shin 07.23.2014

  • reworked __view_project_detailed_data to include all the calculations (goals, totals) – still quick enough?
  • changed column config for the new Query Builder
  • added Show Goals CheckBox to hide/show obligation and outlay goals

Phil 7.23.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • I need to check to see what should be generated for:
    • 11. (U) Contract Details
      12. (U) How does your organization process funding requests?
      13. (U) Do you require 100% of funds in order to obligate this funding to contract?
    • Fixed. I was pointing the output of the panels to the wrong div
  • Bold ‘Cum Amt ($K)‘ Done
  • Move the BLUF module above the POC module and include it in the center section as #5. Done
  • Correctly exporting the javautils jar
  • Accessing the DB
  • Need to write a toJsonString() method for DbTable. Done. Since everything is stored as strings in the webapp, the strings are validated at the client and converted to sql-friendly strings.
  • There is no good way to send full objects, so I spent some time seeing what a good strategy for stringifying is. So far I’m at this:
    • user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestType = ‘MIPR’
      user:pgfeldm.type:number.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestAmount = ’32919′
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestAppropriation = ‘RDTE’
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestStatus = ‘Incomplete’
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestTaskName = ‘Task_9′
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestNumber = ‘ABC-123-9′
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestName = ‘fundingRequest_9′
    • Which is pretty easy to parse. Not thrilled about the extra chars…

Phil 7.22.14

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • DB backups
  • Changed the truancy report to run automatically from a view
  • generated email list of all FY2014 users for Lenny
  • Got my Eclipse running Tomcat again. As near as I can tell, the pattern that works is to delete the old server, create a new one using the wizard, point at the web project (in this case YuiServletServer), make sure that the new server is pointing at the Tomcat instance, and then try, delete repeat until that works.
  • Started integrating servlet access into PanelModuleTest. I’m also automatically deploying to the Tomcat server (running in Eclipse) from Webstorm. Sheesh.
  • Got the call to the JsonSinWaveServlet running inside PanelModuleTest
  • Created a new FundingRequestServlet and updated the web.xml.

Dong Shin 07.22.2014

  • set the detailed data table to view – processed as fast enough….
  • created SQL/script to run the truancy report and a list of people for FY14
  • working on Query Builder
    • added tableName, generateData to the queryBuilderConfig.xml
    • generateData button is not optional
    • need to fix missing obligations/outlays for the old Procurement and RDT&E – FixFinancialData.sql

Phil 7.21.14

8:00 – 2:30 SR

  • DB backups
  • Lenny wants the truancy report run every night. Need to check with Dong about running the prerequisite query.
  • Finish JS side of application
    • Move button bar to top of screen – done
    • Make buttons a bit shorter. – done
    • Add accept/Reject to panel (combo box?) Done
    • Finished document
    • Added BLUF and other changes
    • Set rejected colors to orangered.
    • Dong poked around and was unable to break.
    • Starting to look at my previous servlet code. It looks like ChartWithRemoteData4.js is most applicable.
    • The same old link:

Dong Shin 07.18.2014

  • deployed new detailed data table… working at ~4 sec.
    • __view_obligations_outlays_by_budget_center was modified to handle 0 values – -1 for nulls
  • generated PM Actuals status reports for Lenny
  • working on the new Query Builder


8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Deployed the new view and built Lenny’s ‘Truancy Report’. Nice to see all the pieces working.
  • Need to add another panel?
  • The IE8 fix does in fact work
  • Finish building HTML financial report
  • Add ADMIN config. Done
  • Added comments so that they are editable when admin
  • Continued with linking panel objects to text. Need to add in the totals object.
  • New req’s for financial report:
    • The new module is Requisition BLUF and should be right below the Funding Description module.The module needs one field labeled Requisition BLUF (which will be roughly 6 sentences long).

      Instructions: Please provide a BLUF specifically for this requisition not for the project as a whole.  The requisition BLUF should consist of one to two sentences discussing the capability gap and why this is a problem, one to two sentences discussing what the requisition is going to do to address the capability gap and one to two sentences discussing why the ISR PMO should care about this capability gap.

    • Can you also add Agency/Service Lab as the first field in the Project Description module?  This will be a dropdown list.  I have to gather all the lab names but for now you can include: AFRL Rome, AFRL WP, APG, DOE, I2WD, NRL, RadBn Mods, SCMA, SOCOM, SPAWAR Atlantic and SPAWAR Pacific.Instructions: Please select the agency or service lab that will be managing this funding.
    • Add the ISR PMO POC (single field) to the ISR PMO Admin module below the Base/OCO field.
  • Same old link:

Dong Shin 07.17.2014

  • deployed new FA, new queries for detailed data
    • using views reduced the time to generate the detailed data to 3 seconds from 5 min!!!!
  • working on new Query Builder
    • added more fields
    • modified generate_detailed_data() procedure to use the new views and queries
    • use new table qb_queries for user queries, left the previous one – user_queries
    • adding more column configurations to queryBuilderConfig2.xml

Phil 7.17.14

8:00 – 5:30 – SR

  • Contract Details
    • Add button should be enabled because there could be multiple contracts and /or multiple vendors. Done
  • Statement of Work
    • Text entered doesn’t show in the top portion when added. Done
  • Really fixed the IE8 color problem. IE8 doesn’t handle <div> events. I moved the handler to after the <input>s are created in the form.
  • Working on creating the document – making progress -

Phil 7.16.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Add an argument that turns off the “totals” table – done
  • Fix yellow on IE8 – fixed? Nope – the events can’t seem to
  • Add instructions. Done
  • Any items in Lenny’s list that don’t have “Remove Add/Delete buttons” can have multiple rows – done
  • Add funding request name. Done
  • All fields in the File Module should be set to watch the divs of other items. When the “set Info” button is pressed, it will load get(‘value)  from the watched items. Done
  • Uploaded and ready to test:

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