Phil 4.18.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Dong discussed Reqonciler with Lenny
  • Spent some time chasing down what to do about heartbleed. Since I admin only the VMs, and it appears that the landlord is doing regular updates, I’m trying to determine if I have to do anything in addition to what I’m already doing. Once more, it would really help if we had a real sysadm on the team.

Dong Shin 04.18.2014

  • had discussion with Lenny on Reqonciler – needs to process Obligations and Outlays separate
    • Obligations
      • Budget Center, Sub Budget Center, Executing Budget Center, Appropriation Year, Appropriation, Requisition ID, PO Reference, ACR, Obligated Date, Obligated Amount (Bolds are the uniquely identifying fields)
      1. If all fields above match, ignore
      2. If only the obligation date changes, ignore
    • Outlays
      • Budget Center, Sub Budget Center, Executing Budget Center, Appropriation Year, AppropriationRequisition IDPO ReferenceACR, Expensed Date, Expensed Amount, Voucher ID (Bolds are the uniquely identifying fields)
      • If all fields match, ignore
    • Pre-Processing Steps
      • If line is ignored in previous steps, it should cascade down to follow on steps and not be shown
    • Appropriations – O&M, PROC, RDT&E
  • working on Reqonciler
    • created new tables – cognos_obligations and cognos_outlays
    • working on….

Phil 4.17.14

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Added notes to the VizTool main page about the current state of the bugs and fixes
  • Linked Lenny’s help document to ReqAssistant.
  • JavaScript
  • Spent some time digging around in WebGL and found out how to set up the Structure view. Much better.
  • Also figured out the code inspector. Also very nice. I’m beginning to see why this editor gets high reviews.
  • And don’d forget this:

Phil 4.16.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Somewhere out there are a bunch of accountants taking a breather.
  • DB Backups
  • Deployed a new RA. Lenny wasn’t there to check it out, though it seems to be working correctly.
  • JavaScript – Back to WebGL. And yes, the code makes much more sense now.
  • Worked through the interaction chapter. The first example is actually pretty close to the chart concept,
  • Starting on the Combining HTML/WebGL. First example gives tooltip and data options.

Phil 4.15.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Sent Lenny a bunch of links for security workshops and such.
  • Put together the querylog script and added in the excerpt. Works fine now. Also took out all the lines with “lock” in them and scheduled it for a once-per-day run.
  • Documented what I learned in yesterday’s episode of “Eclipse Hates being a Webserver”.
  • JavaScript
    • Started my JS cheat sheet.
    • Ok, now that I think I know more of what’s going on in the example code, back to WebGL

Dong Shin 04.14.2014

  • fixed Funded Budget showing 0 in RA
  • working on new Query Builder

Phil 4.14.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Db backups
  • Look into truncating queries for querylog script and how it’s keeping tables from being made.
  • …and my Eclipse server went kablooey again. Spent the morning rebuilding that. Still no real idea what broke or how it was fixed. Grr.
  • The truncated queries work fine here.
  • Asked Dong to look into extending the query-log with additional information that can be the basis of some auditing/alerts. The idea is that after one or more queries are run to produce a result such as adding a MIPR or inputting PM_Actuals or even FMPs that additional lines are added to the query_log immediately after to add more directly usable information that we can use for reports.
    • All of these additional ittems use the table name “META%” so they can easily be pulled in a query.
    • The “type” field has an overall name for the activity like “ADD PROJECT”
    • The query contains useful text, rather than a query: i.e. “Added Project Carla Demo”. Short enough to keep the text string under 255 chars.
  • JavaScript
    • Working through the Module pattern and having issues with either typeof or my debugger.

Phil 4.11.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Updated FY13 and FY14 slides and slide shows.
  • JavaScript
    • A new pattern to get used to:
    • var myGlobalScoped = 0;
      console.log("Hello Block Scope " + myGlobalScoped);
       (function (start, stop) {
           for (var iBlockScoped = start; iBlockScoped < stop; iBlockScoped++) {
               myGlobalScoped += iBlockScoped;
       })(0, 5);
       console.log("Hello Block Scope " + myGlobalScoped);
    • Because JS doesn’t understand block scope.
  • Gotta find out who isn’t filling out their forms in RA.

Dong Shin 04.10.2014

  • deployed new FA/RA, works….
  • fixed queries for the briefing tomorrow… incorrect Obligations/Outlay Goals and Obligated. Turned out missing some req’s because not grouped by it!

Phil 4.10.14

  • DB backups
  • Deploy new VSS jars
  • Deployed new FA and RA
  • Webapps backups
  • Goals were coming back wrong in the briefing queries. This turned out to be because there needed to be one more item in the ‘group by’ condition.
  • Changed the briefing query so that a scratch table is produced first, and then all queries are run against that.
  • JavaScript – struggled with the console variable for a while. it looks like Fiddler might have stolen it. removal and restart. My mantra. Still, looking at how the app variable is put together is most interesting….
  • The Surprisingly Elegant Javascript Type Model

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