Dong Shin 10.21.2014

  • deployed new FA – fixed PM Actuals, broken Appropriation Years in the Financial Data Editor…
  • fixed Appropriation Years in Financial Data Editor
  • fixed PM Actuals % sorting
  • generated database documents – Google Drive/Builds/project_portfolio_enh_doc/

Phil 10.21.14

8:00 – SR

  • DB Backups
  • Documentation
    • visibilityScriptingServer.Autocomplete.languages.DummyLanguageService
    • visibilityScriptingServer.Autocomplete.languages.PythonLanguageService
    • visibilityScriptingServer.RemoteObjects.ScriptObject
    • visibilityScriptingServer.RemoteObjects.UserObject
    • visibilityScriptingServer.Servlets.AlertServlet
    • visibilityScriptingServer.Servlets.PublisherServlet
    • visibilityScriptingServer.Servlets.ScriptRunnerServlet
  • Deployed new FA

Dong Shin 10.20.2014

  • fixed Financial Data showing only 2 years in Query Builder
  • helped Lenny retrieve 14 Sep PM Actuals in Query Builder
  • fixed incorrect PM Actuals % status color
  • fixed PM Actuals showing previous year data

Phil 10.20.14

8:00 – 10:00, 12:00-4:00SR

  • DB Backups.
  • Documentation
    • De-mavenized and fixed scriptEngine and scriptEngineServer
    • Diagrammed com.fgm.scriptEngine
    • Diagrammed com.fgm.scriptEngineServer
      • Commented PublishDataObject
      • Commented PublishSupportObject.
      • Commented AlertInfoObject
      • Commented ScriptCensor
      • Commented ScriptResultObject
      • Commented ScriptRunner
      • Commented UrlReader

Dong Shin 10.17.2014

  • deployed the new Post Processing queries for updating 3rd year obligations/outlays
  • 3rd year for RDT&E not showing in the Financial Data Editor, but was shown previously…
  • downloading and setting up Eclipse Luna, Keplar is out of date already.

Phil 10.17.14

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Deploy New FA
  • Fixed the truancy report by moving the query forward a month
  • Tried to get Wolfram to show clusters in a meaningful way. Worked with the help files but not with my fake ISRPMO data. Beat on that for a while with no luck.
  • More documentation?
    • Diagrammed and

Dong Shin 10.16.2014

  • working queries to update obligations through 3rd year…
  • fixed incorrect current month set in Query Builder

Phil 10.16.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • MaintainJ - reverse engineered diagramming. Unfortunately, it’s $99 to license. Examine later….
  • AgileJ eclipse plugin. Produces class diagrams. Update site: Using that.
  • Working on JavaUtils
    • Generated class diagrams for all packages
    • Finished PropertyLoader
    • Finished SSLUtilities
  • Working on javaUtils.database
    • Finished DbHelper
    • Finished DbTable
    • Finished DbTypedTable
    • Not sure what to do with SQLResult yet. Need to find out where it’s used, and call hierarchy doesn’t work until the code compiles. If it’s anywhere, it’s in FinancialAssistant, which we will get to shortly.
  • Working with javaUtils.dbObjects
    • Finished BaseObject
    • Finished CreateTableObject
    • Finished InfoObjectManager
    • Finished InsertObject
    • Finished QueryObject
    • Finished QueryResponseObject
  • Working with javaUtils.logging
    • Finished Log4jInit
    • Finished VisibilityLogger
    • Finished LoggingEntry
  • Fixed ScriptEngine on the way to fixing FinancialAssistant

Phil 10.15.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Building query and chart for acceptances. Working, needs to be vetted by Lenny. In addition to CURRENT and OVERDUE, we added NEGATIVE, where the dates of “committed” and “accepted” are incorrect
  • Got Javadoc working, and errors turned off in the editor.
    • Finished YuiTestServlets
    • Ran into a problem navigating code. The compiler has to be working, and that was failing with an “Could not initialize class org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.project.facet.IJ2EEFacetConstants” error. Had to install Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development plugins.
    • And now I have to install Java EE to get the javax.servlet. No, I can’t do that because Oracle has a Glassfish download in their “” file. What an AWESOME company. Got it from instead.
    • Turned off all the Maven external libraries as well, and placed the code in a “jars” folder, so it’s now backed up by SVN.
  • Working on JavaUtils
    • CalendarParser – done
    • CalendarParserException – done
    • Dom4jUtils – done
    • FileUtils – done

Phil 10.14.14

8:00 – 2:00 SR

  • DB backups
  • Deployed new FA
  • Discussion with Chris about next steps. Going to Javadoc the classes and then discuss next steps. He wants to be able to do visualizations ASAP
  • Downloading new Eclipse
  • Pulled all the current code from Subversion into new directory from new repository
  • Installed JavaDoc plugin


  • More Wolfram Alpha
  • Alpha is more forgiving as far as files, but it still takes the same overall format – a column for each factor (i.e. User, Capability, dollars). There can be a row with factor names.
  • Found the financial data charting for Mathematica. Need to find it in Alpha. Or maybe it’s the Wolfram Finance Platform (more info)?

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